Sunday, December 16, 2012

If I was... Living In Paradise And I Didn't Even Know It

If I was...

Living In Paradise and Didn't Know It

Some days are longer than others and
challenges make you think there’s
someplace else you’d rather be… 

Things don’t always go the way
we plan but we focus on our goals
and we do what ever it takes… 

The way we respond to our
challenges define us and
determine our outcome…

Eventually we will discover
that we really live in paradise…
even if we forget, life will remind us.

It takes courage to let go of our
expectation and be grateful for every
moment that we have…

What lies behind our thoughts and
emotions is like the sun hidden
by heavy clouds in the sky…

Happiness does not reside
in a thing or goal but within
each and every one of us...

All we need to do is to remember this
each day and like innocent children,
share it so that it may grow.

Discover a story that will take you on
a journey through your child’s mind
to find paradise in a secret garden.

If I was…
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In memory of all the children that needed our protection

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